Free Shipping over $60 & NEW PAYMENT PLANS for Clinic Services

How Sezzle Works

Pay for your tattoos in easy payments!

How to buy your Cinnamon Girl Clinic services with Sezzle

  1. To ensure you know your purchase is available for Sezzle financing purchase your desired services at the Cinnamon Girl Clinic online store before booking your appointment.
    1. Add the desired service to your shopping cart
    2. Select “Check Out”
    3. Select Sezzle as your preferred method of payment
    4. Complete your purchase
  2.  Call, text or email us to book your service.

What is Sezzle?

Cinnamon Girl Clinic is partnered with Sezzle, a 3rd party alternative payment platform that offers interest free instalment plans. Cinnamon Girl does not establish which payment plan or credit limit Sezzle determines for our clients’ purchases. These details are entirely based on the information provided by the client to Sezzle at sign up, as well as their history of use with Sezzle.

 How Does Sezzle Work?

In our experience one of the following scenarios is most likely but cannot be guaranteed: 

Scenario 1 (regular user of Sezzle) - Payments are split evenly across 4 payments, due 2 weeks apart.

Scenario 2 (new Sezzle user) - Sezzle offers an Adjusted Down Payment which sees our client paying ~half of the service price initially and the remainder of the service price over 3 equal payments, due 2 weeks apart. 

There are some steps you can take to increase the likelihood of Scenario 1 approval, however, none of these are guaranteed. Lowering the amount of the current order, paying off existing/other Sezzle orders, or adding a credit card associated with your Sezzle account may all increase your chances of being able to place an order as described in Scenario 1.

Unfortunately since Sezzle is an independent 3rd party Cinnamon Girl cannot guarantee that these scenarios will always be available to all of our clients. Clients can always reach out to Sezzle directly at if they have additional questions.